Costs in Prague

The cost of living in Prague is formed far more affordable if you think about transportation costs. Transportation in Prague is cheap , and 23 USD will get you a monthly pass for metro, buses, and trams. The subway is well organized, efficient, and straightforward to urge around with many stations reachable by foot in most parts of the town . It runs 7 days every week from early morning until midnight. After midnight, you’ll need to accept a tram or bus. However, only alittle number of lines still operate during the late night hours.

Taxi prices aren’t precisely the cheapest, and you ought to take care as there are some drivers who will take you on a tour of the town rather than driving the shortest route to your required location. A legitimate cab can cost you up to 25 USD within the space of 20 kilometers, which incorporates the middle and therefore the surrounding areas. My advice would be to stay to the general public transportation and obtain a taxi only as a final resort.

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